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POP TEE | Red Dot Design Award

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With the goal of clearly standing out in the competitive environment, the packaging design for this tea assortment was inspired by the radical nature of Pop Art. With the slogan “Zieh durch!” (Do your thing!), the Pop Tee brand is presented with vivid hues and striking typography. The high-contrast colour combination of font and sleeve intensifies the visual impression. The different tea types have unusual, artistic names, so that the actual flavour is revealed only upon reading the smaller print. On the shelf, the packaging achieves a particularly high recognition value. The see-through lid of the aluminium caddy allows consumers to cast a look inside and assess the quality of the product.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    POP TEE, Bremen
  • Design:
    Uğur Erdem, CLUBCREATIV, Bremen
  • Creative Direction:
    Uğur Erdem
  • Concept:
    Uğur Erdem, Florian Rauch, Meron Tecle
  • Photography:
    Alexander Fanslau, Fanslau-Fotografie, Bremen
POP TEE | Red Dot Design Award
POP TEE | Red Dot Design Award
POP TEE | Red Dot Design Award