Corporate Film


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The design of these video animations is based on the visual language of the Vallourec logo and the components used in their construction. Newly developed software and intelligent tubular structures change the whole process of building trade-fair exhibition halls. From planning to static calculation right up to the completed construction, everything is animated down to the last detail. Should the parameters change, the software adjusts all the necessary factors and recalculates them. Subsequent calculation, expert valuations or mistakes in communication thus become things of the past.

  • Client:
    Vallourec Deutschland GmbH, Düsseldorf
  • Design:
    Quadrolux – Agentur für Bewegtbild, Mainz
  • Creative Direction:
    Marcus Stiehl-Bruch
  • Art Direction:
    Melanie Schmidt
  • Animation:
    Konrad Stäblein, Bianca Schaurer-Spieß