TV Commercial

Private Detective / Bankjob

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These advertisements for AUDI Approved :plus first show a private detective at work, observing a suspect when suddenly a dog addresses him making clear that he will in his next life be the owner of this car. In this way, the advantages of AUDI Approved :plus are praised: as used cars, they promise guaranteed and inspected safety to the same degree as a new car. In the second film while three masked men get out of an Audi to obviously rob a bank a woman surprisingly gets on the car. She does not seem to mind what is going on out there and is only worried about the Audi, knowing that she will be its next owner.

  • Client:
    AUDI AG, Ingolstadt
  • Design:
    thjnk ag, Hamburg
  • Film Production:
  • Visual Effects:
    Chimney Germany
  • Music/Sound Design:
    Supreme Music GmbH, Nhb Ton GmbH