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Project Daejeon 2014 – The Brain

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For the second time, the Daejeon Museum of Art in Korea has organised the biennial international art festival project “Daejeon 2014”, promoting collaboration between art and science. This interdisciplinary exhibition addresses diverse critical issues in relation to brain science and presents inspiring artworks based on scientific knowledge. The poster features a progressive image: the artwork forms the shape of a brain using the lines of the letters in the exhibition title “the brain”. Decomposed letters were deployed in three-dimensional space to indicate atypical forms and non-morphological elements.

  • Client:
    Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejon
  • Design:
    Studio P-L-O-T, Daejon
  • Art Direction:
    Donghwan Kim, Wonjae Lee
  • Graphic Design:
    Sujung Tak
  • Artwork:
    Jihye Lee