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Project Stockholm

Project Stockholm | Red Dot Design Award

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Project Stockholm has been designed in anticipation of potential changes to power tool technology and the needs of consumers. In concept, this design promotes an innovative form, an alternative product for casual consumers, and a solution to promote safety in project environments. The form we are most familiar with in cordless power tools is a gun-like device that uses a battery pack at the bottom as a counterbalance to provide a seemingly ergonomic experience to the user. As technology changes and out-dates the lithium ion battery, the traditional form of the cordless power tool will require drastic modification. Project Stockholm proposes a unique configuration to address the need for a tool with less emphasis on a heavy counterbalance. With the user holding the tool at a much higher point, the device is made more balanced with less ‘top-heavy’ characteristics. An elongated handle on the rear end of the tool is intended to brace the inner wrist of the user as their thumb grasps the tool through the hole in the centre. This design allows for a more intuitive grip making it difficult to rotate the tool excessively. The purpose is to prevent users from inadvertent injury. Project Stockholm is designed to be much smaller than the average power tool to accommodate unusual projects that may require fitting in tight spaces but with less torque.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Cameron Piper, United States