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Protective Wings Packaging Family

Protective Wings Packaging Family | Red Dot Design Award

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This packaging design provides reliable protection for single item return shipments made by post. The corrugated inserts of the packaging raise the product within, to prevent direct contact with the outer shell of the box. The design for the tablet PC packaging is based on a sophisticated folding concept, while the notebook version is cleverly glued, taking into account the larger weight of its content. Further packaging versions complete the product range as needed. All shipping boxes in the packaging family are made of sustainable monomaterial, to significantly reduce transport volume, packaging time and material costs, as well as the damage rate of returns.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Acer Computer GmbH, Ahrensburg
  • Design:
    Smurfit Kappa GmbH, Sarstedt
  • Design:
    Smurfit Kappa Service GmbH, Hamburg
  • Packaging Design:
    Rolf Krajcer, Jolanta Mirowski, Detlef Ernst
  • Account Management:
    Jolanta Mirowski
  • Sales Management:
    Frauke Busch
  • Customer:
    Thorsten Anders
Protective Wings Packaging Family | Red Dot Design Award