Pure, Repeat, Clarity – CoorsTek Gallery & Office

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In rebranding the office and gallery of CoorsTek, the engineered ceramics manufacturer, three keywords emerged to define the company’s core competences: Pure, Repeat, Clarity. These leitmotifs were integrated into the company’s new spatial and light dot technology concept. The light dots are repeated and reflected in the walls so that visitors are surrounded by them. Each light reacts interactively when touched. With music, the products are thus displayed as artworks, aimed at making visitors understand the sophisticated technology behind them.

  • Graphic Design:
    Asako Ura, KOKUYO
  • Lighting Contents Design:
    Hiroshi Miyake, OSRAM, Tokyo
  • Lighting Design_/Wall Lighting Advice:
    Shinya Imazu, muse-D, Tokyo
  • Design:
    KOKUYO Co., Ltd., Tokyo
  • Movie & Music Contents Design:
    Toshimi Okada, Gratri, Tokyo
  • Project Management:
    Kaoru Sumida, CW Facility Solution, Tokyo
  • Client:
    CoorsTek KK, Tokyo
  • Art Direction/Interior Design:
    Wataru Sato, KOKUYO