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Qixxit – Mobility for a new generation

Qixxit – Mobility for a new generation | Red Dot Design Award

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In light of the diverse and increasing number of means of transportation, it is not always easy to identify the best option for getting from A to B. Furthermore, in view of changing needs in mobility, the digital service Qixxit offers users travel information in every situation. Taking an innovative approach, it combines all possible means of transport, ranging from train, bus, tram, long-distance bus, rental car, taxi and car sharing to personal car and bike as well as foot, ferry and plane, into one optimised travel info platform. Despite the broad functionality and immense amount of data to be presented, the clear and self-explanatory user interface enables easy comparison of connection alternatives at a glance. In addition, it also features an integrated means of easily booking the preferred trip. En route, the user is guided by the Qixxit app and gets real-time information on progress, changes and delays.

Statement by the Jury

For people who are often on the go, the Qixxit app is invaluable as it offers a very wide range of useful travel information. The app is functional, shows “mixed ties” and features a clearly structured interface. Another important aspect of the design is that it brings together all kinds of transportation options in a highly relevant manner.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    DB Vertrieb GmbH, Frankfurt/Main
  • Design:
    Cheil Germany GmbH
  • Executive Creative Direction:
    Roland Rudolf
  • Creative Direction/ Head of UX Design:
    Dr. Clemens Lango
  • Account Management:
    Sven Lohwasser
  • Head of Digital Strategy:
    Lars Backes
  • Conceptual Design:
    Sascha Kirpal
  • Art Direction:
    Ertekin Özcelik
  • Content Design:
    Thomas Smuda
  • ScrumMaster/Project Management:
    Laura Müller
Qixxit – Mobility for a new generation | Red Dot Design Award
Qixxit – Mobility for a new generation | Red Dot Design Award