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Rainer Wolf – Natur im Fokus Rainer Wolf – Nature in focus

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This art book compiles the works of artist Rainer Wolf created over a period of more than 30 years, featuring fascinating and meticulously crafted drawings of motifs from nature. The challenge in designing the book lay in the extreme vertical and horizontal formats of Wolf’s works and their accurate rendering on rough natural paper. Since all of the works are displayed as spreads, a binding called Swiss brochure was chosen for the book. The emblem embossed on the front cover comes in 16 variations.

  • Client:
    Rainer Wolf, Wolfurt
  • Design:
    Kurt Dornig, Dornbirn
  • publisher:
    Bucher Verlag, Hohenems
  • printing:
    Bucher Druck, Hohenems
  • pre-press:
    Günter König, Dornbirn
  • bookbinding:
    Buchbinderei Eibert, Eschenbach