Eco-Friendly Packaging

RECOFFEE Tree in the Bottle

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The Recoffee Tree in the Bottle shampoo is based on the concept of “Turning Waste into Gold” and boasts a closed-loop recycling process. Coffee grounds are not considered to be waste but rather a resource to be reused. Through SFE technology, coffee oil is extracted from the coffee grounds and added to the product line as a hair-care ingredient. The packaging design of the fully biodegradable bottle features a coffee-tone colour palette. Moreover, two coffee seeds are embedded into a reservoir in the base, so that the empty bottle, when planted in the garden, becomes the nutrient soil for the seeds.

  • Client:
    Hair O’right International Corporation, Taoyuan County
  • Design:
    Hair O’right International Corporation, Taoyuan County
  • Concept:
    Wang-Ping Ko
  • Design Director:
    Shiue-Chiau Liu
  • Creative Direction:
    Kuei-Jen Chang