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Reflect | Red Dot Design Award

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Music is constantly flowing, enticing and evolving but always personal. Each moment, each place related to it adds a new shade to the cavalcade of cascading tunes, telling a different story every time. That is, as well, what DJ Sarhi’s music is all about. The project pursued was how to make sound serve as source material for a visual identity. To realise this vision, the Vibe (Visual Beats) Generator was developed to create the design elements to launch DJ Sarhi’s new album “Reflect”. The generative design system brings about unique design motifs by fusing images of the artist’s identity with the time and place parameters of his musical journey. These motifs were then used as the basic design elements for the brand identity. By algorithmically mixing those various inputs, including images of the artist, locations that are relevant to him and the tracks of his new album, the system translates these into unlimited generations of curated design motifs, each of them unique. Every Rorschach blot shaped “vibe” created like this visually symbolises the individual character of the artist and his sound, serving as the source of the identity system.

Statement by the Jury

This DJ branding system, which translates the artist’s musical variety of expression into different graphic motifs, then links these motifs via a specific algorithm and finally visualises them as Rorschach inkblot test images, manages to produce highly fascinating and self-sufficient expressions of art. This work convinces with its design concept of implementation as well as through the aesthetic quality thus achieved.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    DJ Sarhi, Dubai
  • Design:
    Ice9 Interactive, Dhaka
  • Technical Direction:
    Afeef Zaman
  • Programming:
    Fahim Ahmed
  • Creative Direction:
    Shafiq Alam
  • Account Management:
    Niaz Murshed
  • Graphic Design:
    Musavvir Ahmed, Raiyan Momen
Reflect | Red Dot Design Award
Reflect | Red Dot Design Award
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