Rethinking the Modular

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The USM Haller is a design classic. However, today, this modular furniture system has become part of mainstream. For its 50th anniversary, the campaign “Rethinking the Modular” was launched to make the item desirable again among a young target group. Student groups of seven renowned universities of design were invited to reinvent the concept of modularity. Each participating team developed a project which then was integrated in an exhibition. More than 60 young designers and architects became part of the initiative and as such ambassadors for the brand.

  • Digital Concept:
    Dan Nessler
  • Project Management:
    Michèle Gutmann
  • Design:
    Scholz & Friends Schweiz, Zurich Atlas Studio, Zurich
  • Curator:
    Tido von Oppeln, Berlin Burkhard Meltzer, Zurich
  • Web Design:
    Manuela Miksa
  • Creative Direction:
    Lukas Frei
  • Client:
    USM U. Schärer Söhne AG, Münsingen
  • Strategic Planning:
    Tobias Baumann