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Return yourself to the library

Return yourself to the library | Red Dot Design Award

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The promotion of the used books festival BOOKtiga 2018 conveys the importance of not only returning books to the library but also “ourselves”. Accordingly, the motto of the poster for this year’s festival reads “Return yourself to the library”. Since the exploitation of “used” books is best expressed by the constant reborrowing of the same books as well as by the due date reminder, which is stamped in the back of each book almost like a universal symbol of “borrowing”, this mundane, incidental and inconspicuous stamp sheet has been chosen to represent the visual backbone of the concept. However, its communication also wants to go a step further. By using the dates of all the festivals held so far, as well as clearly stressing this year’s date, it aims at expressing that not only borrowing and returning books to the library is important but also that people go there themselves. In order to emphasise this, even the placements of the poster convey a message. Displayed on various public walls and billboards, the poster reminds beholders of this importance in situations when they are occupied with completely different things.

Statement by the Jury

The poster for the BOOKtiga festival of used books impresses with a sophisticated idea. It manages to attract attention through few means. It uses other big posters – almost in a parasitic manner – and thus their prominence to transport its message. The graphical concept of stamped data, which is widely familiar from borrowed books, is as subtle as it is humorous and makes people aware of this important cultural asset.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Poreč City Library, Poreč, Croatia
  • Design:
    Studio Sonda, Vižinada, Croatia
  • Creative Direction:
    Jelena Fiškuš Sean Poropat
  • Graphic Design:
    Aleksandar Živanov Martina Sirotić Pavletić
Return yourself to the library | Red Dot Design Award
Return yourself to the library | Red Dot Design Award
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