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Rice Cake

Rice Cake | Red Dot Design Award

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In China, New Year is one of the most important holidays of the entire year. Lasting for 15 days, this traditional festival is closely linked with many old customs and mythical stories. Against the backdrop that the Chinese New Year is also a time when people traditionally exchanging sweet rice cakes as gifts, this packaging was designed to accommodate rice cakes in the shape of a fish. The packaging picks up the motif of fish in a subtle manner and places the design focuses on its visualisation. Two different filigree illustrations of fish are printed on the two sides of the box, lending it a high degree of elegance. When the boxes are fully opened, the individual fishes appear to be swimming together as a pair. Furthermore, in order to reflect the festive atmosphere of Chinese New Year, the packaging design features gold as well as red, as the latter is closely associated with New Year.

Statement by the Jury

The rice cake packaging is an outstanding example of well thought-out design to the last detail. The visual focus of the fish emerged as a subtle implementation that lends the box a finely curved outer line of elegant appearance. The choice of colours and materials also contributed to the packaging emerging as an overall outstanding, high-quality design concept.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    KINGMANG GROUP, Shanghai
  • Design:
    Proad Identity, Taipei
  • Creative Direction:
    Jennifer Tsai
Rice Cake | Red Dot Design Award