Red Dot Design Award

Rise Above

Rise Above | Red Dot Design Award

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Created for a design competition, this poster represents design as a path that forms through the searching for and unearthing of ideas. Corresponding to this concept, segments of the poster are coated with a silvery substance which can be scratched off; the layer underneath reveals further details about the structure of the design exhibition. The poster offers a contemporary interpretation of elements found in traditional Chinese landscapes, such as mountains, forests and a sea of clouds. An overlapping of lines at the mountain summits symbolises special achievements in design.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Shu-Te University, Kaohsiung City
  • Design:
    Bo-Hao Syu, Ming-Xian Lin, Bo-Kai Wen, Shao-Cian Jheng
  • supervising professor:
    Jheng-Jhang Chen
Rise Above | Red Dot Design Award