Website Relaunch

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With large-scale, emotive images, the corporate website presents the brand and product world of Rolf Benz after its relaunch. To follow the path of rejuvenation and create modern style environments, the brand consciously turns away from the classic past. Looking for inspiration for their own apartment, users can browse Rolf Benz’s “Wohnwelten” (Worlds of Interiors) or look through the newly developed e-zine “Lesestoff” (Reading). Intuitive product navigation leads them directly to the selected furniture piece.

  • Client:
    Rolf Benz AG & Co. KG, Nagold
  • Design:
    21TORR Interactive GmbH, Reutlingen
  • creative direction:
    Klaus Grotz
  • art direction:
    Alexandra Steinert
  • concept:
    Anna Brocke, Alexandra Steinert, Florian Mühlich
  • graphic design:
    Alexandra Steinert, Jasmin Sipahi
  • project management:
    Marion Wacker, Klaus Grotz
  • programming:
    Rüdiger Marwein, Stefan Kraus, Andreas Bauer, Stefan Buck, Michael Aichele, Jürgen Schley, David Frick