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Rosa Schapire Art Prize

Rosa Schapire Art Prize | Red Dot Design Award

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The Rosa-Schapire-Kunstpreis (Rosa Schapire Art Prize) is marked by the fact that it is not awarded by a panel of judges as is common, but instead by a notable individual. This person, in turn, is decided upon every year by the initiators of the prize, the Friends of the Hamburger Kunsthalle, who select an exceptional artist who stands out through his or her own works. This courageous process called for a powerful visual identity that also pays tribute to Rosa Schapire, who was an unusual art patron, historian and collector in the first half of the last century. Therefore a distinctive key visual of an upside-down “R” was created to represent the idea of free spirit, paired with a succinct serif font symbolising a rose thorn. The luminous pink attracts attention and contrasts strikingly with bronze tones and white spaces to dynamically reflect the nature of this art prize. The key visual is flexible and can be employed not only in both print and online media, but also as spatial installation or intuitive signage throughout the gallery, and not least of all, as the prize trophy itself.

Statement by the Jury

The idea of this corporate design, to turn the key visual of the “R” upside down with the aim of reflecting a rebellious approach embodied by the art prize and its name giver, has emerged as a highly appropriate and consistent implementation. Realised in striking pink, combined with gold and white, the appearance conveys a strong impression of both high quality and intended subversion, illustrating at the same time what art is capable of expressing.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Artwork Workflow Supervisor:
    Sascha Abraham
  • Client:
    Freunde der Kunsthalle e.V., Hamburg, Germany
  • Design:
    Peter Schmidt Group, Hamburg, Germany
  • Design Team:
    Irma Kubala, Sonja Wegner, Carolin Tegeler
  • Executive Creative Direction:
    Norbert Möller
  • Head of Production:
    Tobias Gagelmann
Rosa Schapire Art Prize | Red Dot Design Award
Rosa Schapire Art Prize | Red Dot Design Award
Rosa Schapire Art Prize | Red Dot Design Award