City Dressing, Event Identity

Royal Inauguration of King Willem- Alexander

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The event identity for the Royal inauguration of King Willem-Alex-ander on 30 April 2013, the first King of the Netherlands in 122 years, fulfilled the demand of being both festive and regal. As the design could not include a crown, nor could it show text or images of the new monarch, the identity centred on the colour orange, the national colour of the Netherlands. With 1,100 flags, more than 500 posters, 30 decorated buildings and 140,000 paper crowns, Amsterdam put on its best face for the 1,100 press professionals from over 50 countries.

  • Client:
    Municipality of Amsterdam
  • Design:
    Koeweiden Postma, Amsterdam
  • creative direction:
    Eddy Wegman
  • concept:
    Jacques Koeweiden, Eddy Wegman, Jorn Dal, Mark Holtmann
  • graphic design:
    Eddy Wegman, Mark Holtmann
  • account management:
    Ermelinde van Reusel
  • pre-press:
    Ingmar Evers
  • production:
    Vollaerszwart, Teepe Productions