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Sampo Group Annual Report 2012

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Sampo Group’s full html 2012 annual report provides an extensive information package for the company’s target groups by utilising the multiple means the online world has to offer. The report’s visual layout follows current web design trends, while the user interface is designed to meet the target group’s expectations. The annual report allows readers to create their own tailored reports and thus use the report to suit their needs. Other tools include e.g. the options to compare with the previous year, make notes and share with others.

  • Client:
    Sampo Group, Helsinki
  • Design:
    YellowBlack, Helsinki
  • art direction:
  • concept:
    Sampo Group
  • graphic design:
    YellowBlack, Miltton
  • technical production:
  • project management:
    Miltton, Sampo Group
  • photography:
    Juha Törmälä