Corporate Design

Santa Claus

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The corporate design for Santa Claus was developed as part of a mailing of the design agency. It aims to promote especially the design of websites in a humorous way. Alluding to the commercial nature of today’s Santa Claus, the logo represents a barcode in the typical colours of Santa Claus. In accordance with this, there are logos for his team: the elf, the reindeer, and the angel. Thus, a vivid colour world is established, which can be found throughout the whole appearance. Matching gift tags were designed in addition to the website.

  • Client:
    Lockstoff Design GmbH, Grevenbroich
  • Design:
    Lockstoff Design GmbH, Grevenbroich
  • creative direction:
    Susanne Coenen, Nicole Slink
  • graphic design:
    Susanne Coenen, Nicole Slink, Katja Kleefeld