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In terms of design approach, SAP SPECTRUM – unlike most IT and business magazines – hones in on the content-related meta-level: instead of typical imagery from the IT world, its conceptual as well as design focus offers a surprisingly new perspective on each topic (from software solutions to business strategy). A large share of specifically created image content – implemented through emotionally charged photographs, compositions, illustrations and typographic design – characterises the independent overall look. In the spirit of sustainability, the magazine is made of ecologically friendly paper using FSC-certified, carbon-neutral printing.

  • Client:
    SAP AG, Walldorf
  • Design:
    grasundsterne Werbeagentur und Corporate Publishing GmbH, Munich
  • art direction:
    Iris Fuchs
  • concept:
    Markus Elsen, Tim Grasmann
  • graphic design:
    Pia Härle, Jan Meyer, Veronika Schmidt
  • printing:
    Colordruck, Leimen