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Save as WWF, Save a Tree

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Each year, millions of square metres of rain forest are cut down to make paper – paper that is used all over the world to often senselessly print out documents. In order to stop unnecessary printing and encourage a new awareness about the use of paper, a new green file format was developed that cannot be printed: WWF. Available for download and installation from the WWF website, the free software converts many common file formats into the new format with a single click. The recipient of this green format is informed automatically, since the last page of each WWF document functions as a response element with instructions and a link to the website. This online advertising thus does not turn smart communication into a product but instead an intelligent product into communication, with the message “Save as WWF, Save a Tree”. In addition to the idea of saving trees, both companies and individuals are able to make their contribution by using and spreading the WWF format. Today there are already more than 53,000 users all over the world. Statement by the jury »This online advertising impresses with a fantastic concept that not only works seamlessly, it is also useful, meaningful and beneficial for us all. The message of this sustainable project to save the rain forests creates a direct added value that leads to immediate and concrete action.«

  • Client:
    WWF Germany, Berlin Dr. Dirk Reinsberg
  • Design:
    Jung von Matt, Hamburg
  • executive creative direction:
    Henning Müller-Dannhausen
  • art direction:
    Florian Panier
  • text:
    Michael Behrens