Poster Campaign

Save Shukhov Tower!

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The poster series “Save Shukhov Tower!” was part of a social campaign against the demolition of the famous radio tower in Russia, an icon of early 20th century modernist design. Completed in 1922, the tower has become part of Moscow’s skyline. The poster design celebrates the beauty and mathematical poetry of the tower, while also borrowing from constructivist poster art of the 1920s. Just as the tower was transmitting its radio signal for more than 70 years and has become a symbol of communication, the poster uses as little text as possible, letting the tower speak for itself through its SOS signal transmission.

  • Client:
    Center of Russian Avant-Garde, Moscow
  • Design:
    Dizaino Studija “Bakla_anas”, Vilnius
  • Art Direction / Graphic Design:
    Irina Goryacheva