Red Dot Design Award

Sberbank Business Online Light

Sberbank Business Online Light | Red Dot Design Award

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Over 60% of Sberbank of Russia’s corporate customers are SMEs, and it has been identified that these bank customers’ prefer to conduct e-banking on desktops. As such, a new solution is emerging on that form-factor. The bank’s design team created a convenient UI with efficient UX: it took the Fluent Design System as a UI base and carefully revamped every necessary customer business process. The resultant UX app is truly time-saving; the whole app works as a one-tab app, where everything you need is at the fingertips and accessible in a couple of clicks. This desktop app is redefining the future of banking apps. Biometrics will replace SMS-based OTP, AI will be added to invoicing, and the power of Universal Windows Platform (UWP) will be harnessed to port the application onto Mixed Reality. Voice commands will be added and the UI will be stripped down from 7 pages to a single page. No time is wasted trying to reach the entry point, and every important event has its place now: invoices will be recognised and salaries will be paid on time. The dashboard is also personally tuned and optimised to make sure it’s a perfect fit for every user’s needs, while ML-based advice pushes customers to work with the app, to pay more, to purchase more bank’s products and services via easy gamification and without all the annoying ads.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Sberbank of Russia, Russian Federation
  • Design Lead:
    Konstantin Chervony
  • Design:
    Art Direction: Alexander Batuev, Programming: Sergey Makarov
Sberbank Business Online Light | Red Dot Design Award