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Scheufelen Wall Calendar 2014

Scheufelen Wall Calendar 2014 | Red Dot Design Award

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The premium paper supplier Scheufelen produces a calendar every year with the aim of underlining the special status of the brand and encouraging the main target group of designers and marketing decision-makers to sell the upmarket paper to their customers. The idea behind the 2014 issue “Wunderkind” (Prodigy) is that the paper supplier provides the ideal base for the very best ideas, texts and images, and therefore for all the beautiful things in life that have come from Germany and made an impact all over the world. The calendar is inspired by charming concepts such as Bauhaus, kirsch or lederhosen, and turns them into 12 individual, lovingly illustrated calendar pages. Embedded in an arrangement that matches in terms of colours and motifs, they provide leeway for associations and, through various refined print techniques, emerge as unique pieces that are pleasing to the touch. The cover page is devoted to the prodigy Carl Scheufelen, who introduced art paper to Europe.

Statement by the Jury

The idea of this calendar to interpret paper as the base for moving stories – in this case German words that are used internationally – is very original and emerged as a highly ingenious realisation: each motif was designed using a self-sufficient style and a special print finishing, underlining the content with a great deal of skill and craftsmanship.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Papierfabrik Scheufelen GmbH & Co. KG, Lenningen
  • Design:
    Strichpunkt Design, Stuttgart/Berlin
  • Printing:, Gaimersheim
  • Finishing:
    DENGLANZ Druckveredelung GmbH, Erlangen-Eltersdorf
  • Bookbinding:
    Laumer GmbH + Co. KG, Pfarrkirchen
Scheufelen Wall Calendar 2014 | Red Dot Design Award
Scheufelen Wall Calendar 2014 | Red Dot Design Award
Scheufelen Wall Calendar 2014 | Red Dot Design Award