Red Dot Design Award
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Schlossgut Lüll

Schlossgut Lüll | Red Dot Design Award

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Schlossgut Lüll is a winery in Rheinhessen, Germany. Passing down the business from one generation to the next, the sales strategy has changed from bulk-wine sales to estate bottling and marketing of their own product. Through this change, a new design was developed, representing the winery’s new direction. The striking logo not only visualises a wine bottle, but also the “Lüll” brand name. A matching wine label was created using the same visual elements. The remaining corporate design is based on the five black stripes of the brand name and opens up a new “world” of design.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Animation:
    Stefan Krische, Vienna
  • Text:
    Florian Schmidt, Berlin
  • Design:
    Stanislaw Lewicki, Vienna Jonas Weber, Vienna
  • Client:
    Schlossgut Lüll, Wachenheim
Schlossgut Lüll | Red Dot Design Award