Red Dot Design Award
Corporate Brochure

Schmitt + Sohn Aufzüge

Schmitt + Sohn Aufzüge | Red Dot Design Award

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This 100-page corporate brochure was produced as part of the new visual identity for Schmitt + Sohn Elevators, a company with a working base throughout Europe. In this brochure, which illustrates the company’s values, products and references, it is the staff that gives the enterprise a face – each subject is represented by one employee who introduces it with a personal quote. The design concept surprises through a variable use of typography and distinguishes itself through consistent portrait and documentary photography.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Aufzugswerke M. Schmitt + Sohn GmbH, Nuremberg
  • Design:
    Projekttriangle Design Studio, Stuttgart
  • creative direction:
    Martin Grothmaak, Prof. Jürgen Späth
  • graphic design:
    Franz-Georg Stämmele, Theresa Brandau
  • text:
    Myriam Guedey
  • photography:
    Martin Grothmaak, Tom Ziora et al.
Schmitt + Sohn Aufzüge | Red Dot Design Award