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The board game revolves around ice bears caught in the thrill of the hunt, fishing in the polar sea. It is the objective for the players to catch the most fish. The game is designed for pre-school children, whose fine motor skills and memory are trained by the ever-changing game structure around movable floes. The ice bears leap from floe to floe steered by playing cards. The point is to remember which floe still hides some fish and under which floe there are no fish left. The lovingly illustrated, child-oriented game enables even children who can’t read to play the game without grown-ups. Since Schollenhüpfen (Ice Floe Hopping) is made from high-quality wood and magnets it is very durable.

  • Design:
  • authors:
    Meike Maßholder, Marco Gutmayer
  • creative direction/concept:
    Meike Maßholder, Marco Gutmayer
  • graphic design:
    Meike Maßholder, Marco Gutmayer
  • publishing company:
    Oberschwäbische Magnetspiele