Pictogram Series


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Scoops is a start-up chain of ice cream shops that offers a special product range with many flavours and natural ingredients. The design of the wordmark was inspired by the name Scoops, and a typeface with a round, spherical look was developed accordingly, lending the logo an ice cream character that conveys fun and indulgence. The individual letters are built of circles and take the shape of ice cream scoops. A well-thought-out colour concept reflects the diversity of the flavours; both the round forms and the pictograms featuring this colour palette visualise the entire product range.

  • Client:
    Scoops – Die Eishelden, Aachen
  • Design:
    Lockstoff Design GmbH, Grevenbroich
  • Creative Direction:
    Susanne Coenen, Nicole Slink
  • Graphic Design:
    Stephanie Marniok