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score | Red Dot Design Award

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The layout of this environmental report aims to convey the idea that ecological commitments and economic progress do not have to contradict one another. In order to achieve this, “score” is kept purely informative – it centres on facts and numbers to resolutely prove its claim and attitude. The report appears to have been made from packaging paper featuring three special colours. It does entirely without photos, cliché-ridden visualisations and embellishing image worlds, relying instead on pictograms, tables and illustrations that complement the individual topics presented. Consequently, consolidating the idea even further, people are not presented in photos but as illustrations.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Prinovis Ltd. & Co. KG, Hamburg Alexander Adler
  • Design:
    G+J Corporate Editors GmbH, Hamburg
  • concept:
    Ilga Tick
  • graphic design:
    Thorsten Lange
  • text:
    Margitta Schulze-Lohoff
score | Red Dot Design Award