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Score a Round | Red Dot Design Award

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In Taiwan, baseball is one of the most important sports. In order to attract more attention to the junior league, a new, child-friendly and team-oriented baseball version called “ReTen” has been developed. The corresponding logo and equipment are based on the traditional Taiwan totem motifs of the Ali Mountain. The imaginative, expressive branding in vivid colours appeals to children, arouses their interest in the game, and includes not only notebooks but also fund-raising items such as a promotion video.

Red Dot Design Award

[Red Dot: Junior Award]
  • Design:
    En-Ping Wang, Yu-Han Lai, Yi-Hsuan Wu, Hsuan-Ying Chiang, Jo-Yun Wen, Chao-Sheng Chang, College of Design, Ling Tung University
  • University:
    Ling Tung University, Taichung City, Taiwan
  • Supervising Professor:
    An-Hui Ching
Score a Round | Red Dot Design Award