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Security Guard

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Following a humorous approach, this TV video ad aims to motivate people to work out and stay fit by being imaginative. It shows a security guard who, while working on a night shift in a large shopping mall, works out by running on an escalator in the opposite direction. The storyline of the video ad demonstrates that in order to keep fit it is not necessary to have membership in a fitness club or special clothes for working out.

  • Client:
    Russian fitness-aerobics Federation, Moscow
  • Design:
    e:mg, Moscow
  • executive director:
    Tatiana Tarmogina
  • creative direction:
    Anton Melnikov, Maxim Kolyshev
  • art direction:
    Maxim Kolyshev
  • photography:
    Vladimir Bashta, Sergey Kirichenko
  • music/sound design:
    Vadim Kolosov
  • production:
    Anna Medvedeva, Olga Yankevich, Yulia Nikitina, Yulia Samoilova, Dmitry Makarov
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