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This multitouch system is a customised application for print journalism, allowing a team of editors and designers to collaborate quickly and simultaneously. The aim in developing the system was to guarantee a workflow in the sense of a streamlined working process without gaps and hindrances – while being able to process huge amounts of data, including 30,000 images that have to be easily accessible at any time. In the form of a table with a screen and touch-sensitive surfaces, the system makes it possible to effortlessly visualise, for example, the text-image relationship within a newspaper layout and harmonise the selection of images, their size and framing with ease. The clearly structured interface lends itself to quickly reviewing different content and editing it in a playful manner into optimal arrangements, thus making the workflow more transparent and efficient. Statement by the jury »The quality of this multitouch system lies in its high technological advancement and the enormous amount of professionally editable data. In addition, the design is both highly sophisticated and appealing, making it intuitive to operate and the workflow thus fast and effective. Users have everything that they need for editing readily at hand.«

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