Seeing the world from two feet high

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Based on a cooperation with 103 children, this film wants to show the difference of the children’s world, their imagination of fantasy world and the way they think. To explore this world, 103 children were asked to draw about 300 creatures. Out of the creatures children made, ten were picked up and transcribed into original and innovative 3D characters for the film. Thus, this film not only reflects the children’s imaginative world, but also reveals the most intimate desire in adults.

  • Design:
    Xiang Pu Zhu, Jing Zhi Lin, Taichung
  • art direction:
    Xiang Pu Zhu
  • concept:
    Xiang Pu Zhu, Jing Zhi Lin
  • project management:
    Xiang Pu Zhu, Jing Zhi Lin
  • music/sound design:
    Josh Woodward
  • animation:
    Xiang Pu Zhu, Jing Zhi Lin
  • advisor:
    Charleen Liu
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