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Selfish Club

Selfish Club | Red Dot Design Award

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Selfish Club is a fishing club in the country which additionally offers high quality food and accommodation. The club has been positioned as a prestigious haven for a male community. The target was to design a logo that included a visual communication system as well as to develop the further promotion of the club. The logo, two crossed metal fishhooks, conveys an impression of strength to represent the pro-ject’s main idea of a strong community. Calm dark colours resemble water surfaces and fish scales. Light colours of a sandy shore and wood were added to the palette for natural contrast.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Ginger Brand, Kyiv
  • Project Management:
    Eugenia Dneprova
  • Client:
    Igor Diakonov, Selfish Club, Kiylov
  • Graphic Design:
    Sergiy Minyuk, Anastasiia Sotsenko
  • Creative Direction:
    Sergiy Minyuk
  • 3D Production:
    Yuri Meshalkin
Selfish Club | Red Dot Design Award
Selfish Club | Red Dot Design Award
Selfish Club | Red Dot Design Award