Red Dot Design Award
Food Packaging

Selizharovo Cannery

Selizharovo Cannery | Red Dot Design Award

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The packaging design for the preserved fruits and vegetables offered by Selizharovo Cannery reflect the company’s core values: honesty and transparency. The greater part of the labels are consumed by factful pictograms, infographics and percentages informing about the product’s ingredients and their composition, such as the exact number of apples or berries in the jar of fruit preserves. Usually, this type of information is shown only in the fine print on the back of containers. The packaging also expresses the company’s commitment to honesty in that it is made of transparent glass.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Selizharovo Cannery, Tver Region
  • Design:
    :Otvetdesign, Saint Petersburg
  • Creative Direction:
    Vladimir Fedoseev
  • Graphic Design:
    Ivan Petrov
  • Account Management:
    Aleksandr Bakin
Selizharovo Cannery | Red Dot Design Award