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SEMI | Red Dot Design Award

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Semi is based on live-action role playing game products and combines participatory design with low-poly style design. The name refers to an English prefix, thus explaining the concept applied here. The design emphasises the interaction with the players, indicating that all products are semi-products. The central element of this work are animal masks. In the pre-design phase, pulp masks are completed. In post-design, the players can create their character’s own look. Finally, independent professionals and volunteers carry out the re-design on the basis of the players’ input.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Yuchen Chen, Zhejiang
  • Photography:
    Jiajun Tu, Chenhuan Tang, Zhaoxin Zhou, Zhejiang
  • Artwork:
    Yang Chen, Zhejiang
SEMI | Red Dot Design Award