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Sensoro Lens is an AI-enabled home security camera. By using cutting-edge and innovative AI vision chipset, combined with voice recognition and multi-sensor fusion technologies, Sensoro Lens has been endowed with the best-in-class intelligent vision analysis capabilities and powerful self-learning skills. With 3D binocular stereovision system, LENS technically has eyes that can sense spaces between camera, target object and surroundings in real time, so as to give accurate and timely analysis of movements and behaviours. It has four modes of recognition: 1. Hands-up recognition: Presence of potential threat detected. Family members will be notified immediately. 2. State recognition: Someone is in a state of non-action or rest for too long. The lens identifies this as abnormal and sends a notification. 3. Face recognition: Family members are differentiated from strangers. Break-ins will be detected. 4. Family Care: A family's living habits are tracked. Any abnormal situation, like a child that hasn't returned home on time, will be flagged. Sometimes, a video of a stranger will trigger an alarm, and the video will be uploaded to a secure cloud server. To reduce the risk of privacy leakage, 'alarmed' videos will be saved only into local SD card. The user decides which areas to monitor. The lens can also be configured to function only when the owner is away from home. With bank-level data encryption algorithms, LENS can provide full protection for privacy.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Beijing Sensoro Technology Co.,Ltd., China
  • Team Lead:
    Zheng Xin
  • Design:
    He Zhili