Red Dot Design Award
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Shark Sense VR

Shark Sense VR | Red Dot Design Award

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Shark Sense VR is an immersive game console that teaches players about sharks’ highly developed sense of hearing, smell, sight and feeling. Central to the interactive experience is a virtual reality helmet in the shape of a shark’s head equipped with sensory technology. Players navigate through the ocean from a shark’s perspective. As they hunt for virtual prey in a 3D underwater environment, they learn about using the right senses at the right time. The interactive display demonstrates strikingly how virtual reality can be used for education effectively.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Product Design:
    Johan du Toit
  • Graphic Design:
    Scott Chapman
  • Production:
    Formula D interactive, South Africa
  • Idea:
    Heidi De Maine, Sunfish Consulting, Cape Town
  • Design:
    Formula D interactive, Cape Town
  • Programming:
    Jennifer Cohen
  • Creative Direction:
    Michael Wolf
  • Client:
    Save our Seas, Shark Education Centre, Kalk Bay, Cape Town
Shark Sense VR | Red Dot Design Award