Shou Nichi Dou Yakiniku

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Adopting the appearance of a square, the architecture of the Shou Nichi Dou Yakiniku restaurant is characterised by a delicate, modern construction and a patio design surrounded by several buildings. In particular, the focus was placed on a lighting design that integrates solutions, such as five parallel columns of a splicing window. Well-balanced situational light is paired with a mix of indistinct shaking shadows and lights inside the building. Featuring the rustic flavour of old Japanese-style houses, an entirely black roof and details like strings of huge wooden barrels, the design aims to create visual tension.

  • Client:
    Shou Nichi Dou Yakiniku, Taichung City, Taiwan
  • Design:
    Jou-Yi Design Co., Ltd., Taichung City, Taiwan
  • Project Management:
    Yi-Chia Chu