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Signal | Red Dot Design Award

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Signal is a new research division of the Russian marketing agency ONY, aiming to understand the psychological motivation behind the behaviour of target audiences. In order to start and strengthen the relationship with the survey participants, the aim of the brand design was to achieve a strong presence as an independent brand. The chosen font formation is linked to the research division itself, the task of which is to transform scattered and hidden data into a clear solution. Thanks to the characteristic elements of the Replica typeface – vertical cuts of diagonals and bevels on inner sides and corners – there is a possibility to form tight visual language patterns which can reflect the constantly evolving methods of research.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Signal, Moscow, Russia
  • Design:
    ONY, Moscow, Russia
  • Creative Direction:
    Sergey Serezhin Maxim Orlov
  • Art Direction:
    Sergey Lavrinenko
  • Graphic Design:
    Andrey Zhandarov Svetlana Turkina Svyat Vishnyakov Anastasia Bardina
  • Strategic Planning:
    Andrey Potapov
Signal | Red Dot Design Award
Signal | Red Dot Design Award
Signal | Red Dot Design Award