Signature Theatre Posters

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An elaborate imagery connects this series of posters for the Signature Theatre. The titles of the changing plays are showcased with an impressive inventiveness. The poster’s main motifs feature a keyword for each play, visualising the theme with surprising image compositions. “See What I Wanna See”, for example, is a musical about lust, greed, murder, faith and redemption and deals with the question “What is truth?”. The poster for this play shows an abstract eye within a passionate variety of colours.

  • Client:
    Signature Theatre, Washington DC
  • Design:
    DESIGN ARMY, Washington DC
  • creative direction:
    Jake Lefebure, Pum Lefebure
  • art direction:
    Pum Lefebure
  • graphic design:
    Sucha Becky, Lucas Badger, Eric Rother
  • printing:
    Fannon Fine