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Silence Aloud – A Confrontation with Loneliness

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The experiences human beings have in isolation are at the centre of this project. It hauntingly visualises “facets of silence” during a self-experiment, for which the artist spent 18 hours isolated in a small room. The emotions that arose during this time were given an output by using the white walls of the room like a canvas for, partly expressive, drawings. The result is an exciting scenario that is constantly increasing in intensity. The artist defines the silence she experiences as something that is not calm: “Silence can be uncomfortable, terrible and bewildering. As it begins, it slowly starts to press its stamp onto the soul. It is a noise, a constant high-pitched tone, able to develop into an intense, painful and obtrusive noise. Then it screams at you, roaring the loneliness into your face. It comes after you with everything you want and throws the fact you can’t have it, deep into your mind.”

Statement by the Jury

This work is outstanding in terms of both dramatic composition and storytelling. In an impressive way it interprets human emotions. “Silence Aloud” does not cease to surprise viewers since it is not revealed how the project was actually realised. It succeeds, with only pen and paper, in illustrating the development of absolute silence up to total chaos in a highly intensive way.

[Red Dot: Junior Award]
  • University:
    DHBW Ravensburg
  • Design:
    Viola Konrad, DHBW Ravensburg
  • Music/Sound Design:
    Daniel Schwarzmüller, Feldkirchen-Westerham
  • Music/Sound Design:
    Manuel Janousch, Otterloh
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