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Sindelar is a contemporary, robust text face aimed at satisfying the requirements of today’s news and media design. Its large corpus size, low contrast and robust serifs ensure high legibility even in small type sizes. Balanced proportions make the typeface economic without giving it a too narrow appearance. These characteristics qualify it for extensive text setting in newspapers and magazines – on paper and on screen. Named after the famous Austrian football player Matthias Sindelar (1903–1939), one of the best players of his time, this typeface was inspired by the idea of reflecting his technical brilliance and his way of performing aesthetically on the field. Alluding to his slight build, fantastic dribbling ability and creativity, the player’s nickname “Der Papierene” (The Paper-Man) elegantly refers to the media, too. Although optimised for small sizes, Sindelar’s low contrast and robust serifs give the typeface strong impact and clear personality also in larger sizes. Sindelar comes in 18 fonts; each font contains a huge character set of about 980 glyphs as well as various OpenType features.

Statement by the Jury

Sindelar has emerged as a well-balanced, powerful typeface that is marked by outstanding legibility and thus satisfies the high demands of contemporary media design. Although optimised particularly for small sizes, its low contrast and robust serifs lend it a strong sense of distinction and an unmistakable appearance, in larger sizes as well.

  • Client:
    Willerstorfer Font Foundry, Vienna
  • Design:
    Willerstorfer Font Foundry, Vienna
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