Site M – Design Methodology

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Site M is an easy-to-use interactive website conveying artistic design methodology. It was developed with the aim to offer designers, marketers and engineers a new way for carrying out multidisciplinary projects. Based on the analysis of numerous design models from various fields, the website offers a generalised design process. The 50 most important approaches for an innovative designing were selected and explained with detailed case studies. Against the backdrop of a user-oriented interface design, the website provides users with two options for displaying the appropriate method: the map view gives an overview of all procedural methods including the individual design stages, while the index view presents them in alphabetical order. In addition, a colour coding further enhances the intuitive use of the website.

Statement by the Jury

Thanks to the generalisation of the various methods, this websites offers versatile options for individual designs, especially for multidisciplinary projects. The interface itself convinces with a sophisticated design and a clear structure, complemented by an intuitive user guidance clearly marked by colours. Thus, this website presents itself as a creativity-inducing platform.

  • Client:
    Korea University, Seoul
  • Design:
    Korea University, School of Art & Design, CO:UX Lab, Seoul
  • Creative Direction:
    Prof. Seung Hun Yoo
  • Digital Concept:
    Nuri Kim, Seungjoon Ahn
  • Artwork:
    Minji Son
  • Strategic Planning:
    Minhye Park