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SIZUYAPAN | Red Dot Design Award

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The Japanese company Sizuya was founded as a bakery and cake shop in Kyoto in 1948. Its new brand Sizuyapan is a range of special pastries containing sweet bean paste that use carefully selected natural raw ingredients. The packaging design was inspired by family crests, which first appeared in Japan during the Heian period when aristocrats placed their designs of plants and flowers on clothing and cow carriages. The designers employed this concept by visually appropriating a variety of original family crests, one for each pastry variation. All elements featured in the crests are associated with the filling of the pastries. In addition, by using Latin script and English product descriptions on the packages, the design highlights contemporary Japanese life. The colours gold, red and black lend this product a luxurious visual identity.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    SIZUYA, Kyoto
  • Design:
    Dynamite Brothers Syndicate, Tokyo
  • art direction:
    Katsuya Arai
  • production:
    Nobuya Nakamura, parkproject, inc
SIZUYAPAN | Red Dot Design Award