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SKARV – A Wearable You Actually Want to Wear

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The aim of developing the SKARV interactive accessory was to create a wearable that people want to wear and could serve as a social device. Therefore, a scarf was chosen because it also has emotional facets in addition to its functions of warming and protecting the neck. The scarf was equipped with 12 very slim vibration motors, woven deeply into the fabric and ­con­trollable intuitively and individually via an app. Operated via a touchscreen, it allows the setting of duration, sequence and intensity of vibration and thus creating a unique sensual ex­perience coming from the scarf made from sustainable yarn in three-dimensional knit. ­Featuring an aesthetic visualisation in soft colours and black-and-white photographs, the ­display and digital application convey a high-quality appearance that places the emotional ­convergence of high tech, body and communication centre stage. The high-resolution images, videos and animations all allow zooming in to create an outstanding user experience.

Statement by the Jury

What defines the outstanding quality of this work is the fact that this wearable surpasses the screen as a device. It becomes an interface in the sense of a touch device because it actually gives the user a sort of massage as it impulses on the skin. The combination of a technological and an emotional experience that is controlled via a mobile device is highly innovative and simply charming.

  • Design:
    denkwerk gmbh, Cologne
  • Client:
    SKARV Fashion GbR, Cologne