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Sky-High | Red Dot Design Award

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An emotionally appealing packaging design that evokes associations of childhood was developed to underline the naturalness of Sky-High milk products. Since milk is a typical drink from childhood, the packaging conveys the image of a promising, natural product without preservatives. The eye-catching lettering of the name is complemented by watercolour illustrations, which tell stories from childhood and even look as if they were drawn by a child. The overall appearance supports an authentic brand character that clearly stands out from the competitors.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    MinskOblProduct, Moscow
  • Design:
    Depot WPF, Moscow
  • Creative Direction:
    Alexey Fadeev
  • Art Direction:
    Vera Zvereva
  • Text:
    Anastasia Tretyakova
  • Account Management:
    Ksenia Parkhomenko
Sky-High | Red Dot Design Award
Sky-High | Red Dot Design Award