Red Dot Design Award
Corporate Branding, On-Air Design


SKY KRIMI | Red Dot Design Award

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The corporate design for the pay TV channel Sky Krimi highlights the channel’s expertise in murder mysteries in a highly inventive way. Shrill and stylised crime scenes are shown in fragments, while the pieces of evidence are lit in bright and vivid colours ready for the stage. Linked by silk threads, these mysterious pieces of evidence pull viewers on air into a network of crime. To dissolve the suspense, the logo which is connected to the pieces of evidence like a quality label appears.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Sky Deutschland Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG, Unterföhring
  • Design:
    DMC Design for Media and Communication GmbH, Munich
  • art direction:
    Bernd Mutscheller
  • concept:
    Stefanie Reinhardt
  • graphic design:
    Matthias Weng
  • project management:
    Tilo Fischer
  • animation:
    Aitor Benavent Cabanas
  • camera:
    Bernd Mutscheller
SKY KRIMI | Red Dot Design Award
SKY KRIMI | Red Dot Design Award
SKY KRIMI | Red Dot Design Award