Smart Home App

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This smart home control system aimes at making life more convenient via smartphones. It is built on a cloud-based IoT platform equipped with advanced data analytics that connects one’s home security pad (gateway) with various edge devices. The app allows for a personalised check of home status and for control service, detecting intrusion via “security monitoring” while also controlling heating, cooling or lights via the “remote control of appliances” function. It is even possible to see visitors’ logs through the “door access management” feature. In addition, for efficient energy savings, monthly and real-time usage monitoring is available.

  • Design:
    Samsung SDS, CX Team, Seoul
  • Graphic Design:
    Hyeoncheol Hwang, Goeun Han, Bomi Choi, Eunjin Kim, Hyewon Suh
  • Client:
    Samsung SDS, Seoul
  • Creative Direction:
    Jihyun Kim
  • User Experience Design:
    Byunghyun Park, Sunkyung Park, Misuk Park
  • Creative Planning:
    Jeonghoon Ha, Sooyeon Chung
  • Project Management:
    Jaehoon Jung, Dongseok Lee